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Natt Chanapa’s Hardcore Sex Video Scandal

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

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Natt Chanapa is a Thai actress who has acted under a number of stage names, particularly Kesarin Chaichalermpol and Nong Natt. This sexy actress became instantly popular based on the media and police attention she gained as a result of the investigation and has been offered large sums for mainstream acting and modeling jobs. In addition, and far more striking, is the widespread mainstream interest in the scandalous video itself. It would seem that if only 10 copies of the illicit video compact disc (VCD) were in Thailand before the story broke, by the following day millions of copies were changing hands throughout the country. The video  features the delectable Natt sucking a Japanese guy’s dick and then fucking his brains out.

hot natt chanapa sex video

But what’s most fascinating about this whole thing is that the heavy circulation of the Natt Chanapa’s sex video has not been limited to the back-alley pirate VCD shops of Patpong. Instead, the sex video has made its way into the homes and businesses of middle-class Thailand. Hotel employees from major resorts say that the Natt Chanapa sex video was being sold among the staff for 20 baht (about 50 US cents) each, and employees were snapping them up.  If you want to see more Natt Chanapa scandalous pictures, just click on the link.

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It would seem that the government’s effort to suppress the illicit material has only served to fan the flames of Natt’s popularity and that of the video itself, taking the underground video from the shadowy black market and thrusting it into mainstream pop culture.